Scientific computing in the cloud
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Exciting things are happening. We are changing the way you do computational science. The future is in the cloud.

Pre-installed Software

Don't waste time downloading source files, finding specific libraries and struggling through compilation. Focus on the science. We have all the software you need up and running in the cloud.

Optimum Resources

Don't know the optimum configuration of resources for your system? Don't worry, we take care of that as well, helping you save time and time.

Pay For What You Need

Setting up a whole computing cluster for a few hours of use per week is way too expensive. We charge you only when you need to use our service. Need extra power? Just ask for more cores! It's all about elasticity and burstability.

What we do

We create clusters on demand in the cloud to allow for use of elastic resources for burstable work. Run you calculation immediately (no need to queue your work), as long as you need, as many as you want simultaneosly, and pay only for what you use.

Interested? Contact us and we'll offer you an affordable price!

Our Team

This is our team.

Cristián Sánchez

DevOps Guru

Charly Medrano

Coding & Science

Candela Wettstein

Performance Tuning

Franco Bonafé

Design & Deployment

We are part of the Quantum Dynamics Group of The National University of Córdoba, Argentina. Our group has 15+ years of experience in Scientific Computing. We are working to bring all of our know-how and experience to you.

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